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Welcome to The Institute for Wealth Planning.

On our site, you will discover the value of collaboration and working with our associates who are already successful elite professionals.  Our associates are competent and committed to sharing knowledge and creating new knowledge for themselves and their clients.

Founder’s Story

Simon Singer - CFP®, CAP®, RFC®

Joel Koenig - CAP®, AEP®

A few years ago, Joel Koenig and Simon Singer were discussing the state of their practices, new business, reduced renewals, and the pros and cons of establishing better relationships with professional advisors in various disciplines.

They shared some of the frustrations each were having with their respective practices and discovered that they had similar issues.  Joel had some tools that sounded like they could be of value to Simon and Simon had some tools that were of value to him.

While the had known each other for three decades, this commonality of purpose brought them closer together despite the fact they were not alike.

The more they talked, the more these common interests brought value to each of them.

The more people heard what they were doing, the more inquiries for information and involvement they received.

What came out of these conversations and inquiries is what they call The Institute for Wealth Planning - The IWP.

With help from many other industry leaders, they believe we have put together a better mouse trap that could be the answer to the current status of your practice and your future growth including recurring revenue and business succession.

We welcome you to The Institute for Wealth Planning.