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The Institute for Wealth Planning


Our mission is to help our associates acquire more knowledge, more clients, more revenue, and recurring revenue.


Our strategy is effective collaboration.  Our formula for success is C=M3

“Collaboration = Marketing, Management and Mentoring to the Power of 3”


IWP Marketing includes access to tools like The IWP DataMinerTM for CPA firms and a unique suite of products and services.  Our goal is to open and close more business now from proven entrepreneurs, and together develop new sources of intellectual property (IP) and products for the future.


IWP Management includes access to tools like The IWP Platform for Advisors to lead professional firms.  The goal is to generate more value and profit now and endow future exit and succession plans.


IWP Mentoring includes access to our group, individual, and “Coach the Coaches” programs with tangible and intangible benefits.  The goal is to mentor associates, clients, professionals and successors.

Our Competitive Advantage

Like no other, we deliver respectful collaboration and business opportunities with the IWP Cube strategy.  We apply “outside the box,” three dimensional thinking, knowledge, and execution.

Associates Values

IWP associates acquire more clients, produce more income, create recurring revenues, and generate funded exit and succession plans.  These tangible benefits create intangible benefits as well - the opportunity to lead a more balanced life with more knowledge, and , and free time.