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The IWP Marketing Process

Are you able to find, win, and grow enough Ideal Clients?

We want to help you stop losing time, money, and opportunities.

Every professional, professional advisor, and professional firm requires clients, customers, donors, guests, investors, members, and patients; for us, we will use the term client and ideal clients.

Whether your business is for profit or an NPO, the basics of any enterprise is simple - you find a client and keep a client, and with value delivered - value received.

Over the past forty years, the principals of The IWP has worked with professionals in every discipline with one aspect in common - they wanted to find, win, and grow more ideal clients.  What was missing was a logical, repeatable way to build better relationships, and achieve better results.

First Impression - We all need to market; meaning we need to create brand awareness and a value proposition.  With favorable awareness on websites like LinkedIn® or Facebook®, our quest for Ideal Clients begins with the goal of setting a first appointment with a prospect.

Discovery - This is the first time, face-to-face meeting with new prospects or existing clients on new matters or opportunities.  On first calls, people expect us to listen, understand and act.  Prospects want time to gain perspective, identify issues, and see if a change or our service appears beneficial. In this stage, we reveal the value of need and want-based consulting and analysis.

Design - In this relationship-building stage, we convert intangibles into tangibles.  Prospects require time to sample our thinking, check us out on Google®, make value judgments, and decide how they will decide.  This stage requires creativity to design their plan or solutions.  In complex financial transactions, overcoming objections may not be as important s overpowering inertia.

Decision - In stage four, our goal is to crate informed buyers.  When our clients arrive at a logical, natural conclusion, they achieve their goals and we reduce buyers’ remorse.  Decision is the start of service commitments.  Closing business is the primary source of anxiety-led workflow.

Commitment - Service should equal marketing.  Professional advisors should take better care of their existing clients.  Star with delivering what you promised.  Like you did earlier, reach out to them. If done well, Stage 5 creates Ideal Clients.  Ken Blanchard calls them “Raving Fans.”

Ideal - We must become as ideal as the clients we seek. In the Ideal stage, we manage our Ideal Client projects, our own firm projects, and relationships in our networks.  We generate referrals and new projects.  Back at the First Impression stage - the cycle repeats.